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Wedding Packages

It’s your day and you deserve to shine! Island IV is exactly what you need to ensure that you can party like you want to and still show up looking well-rested, rejuvenated and fully recovered from your wedding festivities. We can create packages that are as much a part of your wedding schedule as the rehearsal dinner. IV hydration for weddings and guests has been around for years. Island IV makes it accessible and possible to treat your wedding party to this luxury service. Schedule your wedding package today so that you look AND feel your best on your big day.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Infusion Party

Let your bridesmaids treat you to the best bachelorette party and follow it up with an Island IV Infusion Party.

Relax and rehydrate as you trade stories, laughs, and enjoy the memories as you recover, rehydrate, and get ready for the day ahead.

Pre-Wedding... No Jitters

Get your groomsmen ready for your big day! Treat your wedding party to some pre-wedding rejuvenation to ensure maximum glow and energy. Everyone looks and feels great and your pictures will prove it.

Honeymoon Infusions

Once the wedding is over, it’s time to get ready for your honeymoon! 

Schedule a couples Island IV Honeymoon Infusion. We can create a package that ensures that you feel invigorated, restored, and ready to begin this new phase of your life!

Day after Hydration Station

Treat your wedding guests to Island IV’s post wedding infusion event. Let loose at the wedding and recover the day after. Island IV’s Infusion parties makes it possible for you to send your guests away with an amazing thank you gift. Our nurses can come to your location to infuse, revive, and feel restored after your big day.