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What it Glutathione used for?

  • Glutathione is an extremely powerful antioxidant that is key to almost all body functions, including:
    • Improving immune function and helping to fight disease
    • Lightening and brightening skin by erasing hyper-pigmentation and inhibiting melanin production in cells
    • Reducing inflammation
    • Helping your body break down and purge fat
    • Keeping your body from becoming resistant to drugs
    • Promoting high energy and mental clarity
    • Providing anti-aging properties
    • Improving quality of sleep and combating stress from sleep apnea
    • Detoxifying and fighting oxidative stress

How Long Does It Take for Glutathione Injections to Work?

The answer to this depends on a patient’s metabolism. When speaking of glutathione’s effects on the skin, some patients see results like fewer breakouts and smoother texture in as little as two or three weeks. Others, such as those seeking a more even tone, need several months for the benefits to develop.
Although a specific skin concern may not be immediately addressed, other positive changes are likely to show more rapidly. Chief on this list is more energy, which can make itself known within just hours of your first injection. You might also feel more alert with a greater ability to concentrate. And last but not least, brain fog may dissipate and your mood improves rapidly thanks to rehydration (we’ll discuss this more in a few moments).

What Is Glutathione?

In a nutshell, it is more than a pathway to beautiful skin. Glutathione is commonly known as the mother of all antioxidants for its powerhouse ability to soak up the bacteria and debris that constantly assault our bodies. You might think of it like a sponge, seeking and capturing toxins like free radicals to maintain cellular health.
But glutathione often gets used more quickly than the body can produce it, and for this reason, injections are very valuable.

The Benefits of IV Therapy

When injected by IV, glutathione bypasses the body’s slow and often inefficient digestive process. Instead, it gets delivered directly into the bloodstream. This guarantees the antioxidant is absorbed in 100 percent in a much faster manner than oral supplements can provide. In speaking of skin health, sustained injections can:
  • Reduce breakouts
  • Smooth away wrinkles
  • Fade spots related to age and sun damage
  • Provide a clearer and brighter complexion
A Lesson in Glowing Skin
Glutathione injections gives your skin a dewy, incandescent glow we all seek so desperately. While beauty is often defined as having symmetrical features and long, luscious locks, skin quality is just as important.